Diana’s Panties

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i remember when i took panties 1 year ago
they belonged to my aunt. all i had to do was dig deep underneath some clothes. my heart was racing so fast tryna not get caught and they were first thing i pulled out i couldn't believe my luck! the first thing i did was smell it to make sure it was worn, definitely had her scent on there. then i checked the crotch area it had some of her pussy juices on there i even smelled it too. kept her panties for myself and savored it for as long as i could. great to know what her pussy tastes like
Mike 3 years ago
Nice panties! Nice pussy stain and cum shot! I did this with sister-in laws panties for years. I would suck on the panty stain first!
carolsuck 3 years ago
just like my daddy
My wife 1 year ago
I'd love for a guy to do this with my wife's panties
3 years ago
I bet them panties smell good and nice cum shot
Bunz 2 years ago
U should post a picture of who these panties belong to. Would like 2 c the pussy they came off of.
Walkie 1 year ago
I really love women panties
Neil 3 years ago
Cute panties. Nice pussy stain in the crotch, and nice cum shot, dude!!!!!!
BETTY ANNS pussy fragrance 1 year ago
I did this all the time with my extremely gorgeous 18 year old blonde hair older sister Betty Anns dirty panty crotches that Betty Ann wears entirely all day underneath her long leg Blue nylon spandex panty girdle as beautiful young blonde hair receptionist for benson optical located on the corner of pleasant street and public avenue BETTY ANNS pussy tasted absolutely delicious licking and sucking the inside of Betty Anns dirty panty crotches